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Introducing Lexis + The all-in-one ecosystem of integrated legal solutions
Meet Lexis + LexisNexis' All New Premium Legal Research Service!

Developed with feedback from more than 2,000 customer interactions, Lexis+ supports the needs of all market segments from solo practitioners to the largest firms and legal departments – with enhanced tools and exclusive new features including:

• Brief Analysis: Extracts citations and legal concepts, recommends other relevant cases and briefs, identifies relevant passages and takes users directly to them, and showcases their Shepard’s treatment – all within a unique dashboard.
•Practical Guidance: Fully integrated practical guidance experience, with practice notes, checklists, annotated forms, drafting tools and industry insights from thousands of leading practitioners easily accessible from its home page and within legal research results.
•Lexis Answers®: Responds to natural language search queries with the best, most relevant answer, taking users directly to its location within the document. Completely redesigned with the latest machine learning capabilities, Lexis Answers offers expanded and more relevant answers across wider question categories and automatic jurisdiction detection.
•Shepard’s At Risk: Alerts attorneys to cases that are at risk of being overruled because the opinions they cite have
been negatively treated.
•Code Compare: Quickly identify changes in the law or legislative intent by comparing two versions of a statute section
side-by-side, including current, future and archival versions dating back to the early 1990s.
•Legislative Outlook: Predicts the passage of pending bills at the federal and state level.
•More powerful search capabilities that give practitioners more control over the user experience, including: Search Tree, Missing and Must include, Search Term Maps and Ravel View.

Please join our webinar as we walk you through our new and improved Legal Research Service, Lexis +

When: November 10th 2021 @ 3pm (Israel time)


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